Dancing the Edge

My students know this is not a new theme for me, and for anyone who reads my personal blog you know it’s not even new that I’m writing about it.

Finding that place within us where we are developing and yet not straining or stressing is multifaceted work. So this week I’m going to take a look at what it means to practice at our edge through the lens of the four pillars of Forrest Yoga: Breath, Strength, Integrity, and Spirit.

Forrest Inspired Vinyasa

Monday 8:15am

Integrity. Monday is inversion day and a great day to look at how we take care of ourself on the mat with Integrity.

Friday 8:15am

Breath. Flow into your weekend linking your breath to your movement.

Forrest Inspired Basics

Monday 4:30pm

Breath. Let’s look at how breath supports our poses and keeps us present at our edge.

Wednesday 8:15am

Strength. We’ll be preparing for chataranga and exploring low cobra, cobra, and up dog. If you have questions about these poses (like “what’s up dog?”) this is the class to get them answered!

Gentle Yoga

Saturday 10:45am

Spirit. Enjoy a flow designed to feed your body, mind, and soul.