Themes for Elle’s classes week of Dec. 3rd

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat this week!

Forrest Inspired Vinyasa

Monday 8:15am

Playing on our Hands: Even if the closest you get to a handstand is Down Dog you’ll benefit from exploring how to support ourselves when we’re on our hands.

Friday 8:15am

We’ll take what we’ve been practicing this week and turn it into a joyful flow. It’s the perfect way to start off your friday!

Forrest Inspired Basics

Monday 4:30pm and Wednesday 8:15am

Moving from our core: So much more than a 6 pack, when we move from our core, we move from the center of our being.

Gentle Yoga

Saturday 10:45am

Join me for a gentle flow that will leave you feeling open and grounded.