Set Intentions and Begin (Again)

This week we will begin our Journey into Spring Series and all of my classes will have themes around Intentions and Beginning (Again).

It can be a challenge to bring a beginner’s mind to a practice you do regularly. Heck, part of the inspiration for this series was finding a way for me to organize my own practice and my teaching in a different way. I invite you to join me and be intentional about bringing a beginner’s openness back into your practice.

Here are a few questions that might help:

  • What assumptions do you bring to the mat and why? For instance, if you always opt out of a pose and do your own thing, what’s behind these choices? Are there health reasons, or are you perhaps limiting yourself?
  • When was the last time you felt inspired on the mat? What did that feel like? See if you can remember where in your body you felt inspired.
  • What are things you love about your current practice?
  • When does your practice get challenging?

On Monday and Wednesday you’ll have opportunities to set your own goals for yourself for the next 10 weeks. I’ll hand out cards for you to write them on; these are just for you. Bring them to class, set them up under your mat, keep them with you.

I invite you to use the opportunity to think about your life off your mat as well. What are the things you are passionate about drawing into your life?Where are areas that need some extra energy? Are there areas you are looking to transform? There’s a sanskrit word, sankulpa, which translates as “inner resolve.” While we can resolve to work towards anything we think we want, I have found it’s most effective to combine this with getting to know ourselves and learning to listen to what our hearts yearning. Friday and Saturday classes will end with guided meditations that can be helpful to form one’s own sankulpa.