Studio News week of April 8th

Loving the world means paying attention to its simple gifts.
―Parker J. Palmer

pink flowers in a hazy background. Pastel colors. reflection.This week begins with a Community Class on Monday evening at 4:30pm with yours truly (Elle). It’s a fun way to invite your friends to a free class, and a way for me to let you all know how appreciative I am of our yoga community at Infinity. If you haven’t already reserved your spot, call the office tomorrow. 507-453-7941.

Please make sure to read through the upcoming events so you don’t miss any other great opportunities!

See you on the mat soon!


Upcoming Free Classes and Events

Community Yoga Class
Monday April 8th 4:30pm
Join Elle Newman for an all-level, beginner-friendly practice. Elle combines Forrest Yoga core work and unique sequencing with Vinyasa openness to bring you a class that leaves you feeling strong and open. Make sure to register so we can reserve a space for you. 507-453-7941.
Infinity Class Sampler
Tuesday, April 16th 5:30-6:45pm
What a great way to try out new classes and teachers! Make sure to register so we can reserve a space for you: 507-453-7941.

Class Themes

Mollee –  Chakra Balancing
Alanna – Twisting
Elle – Week 4: Water

Upcoming Events:

Lunchtime Gentle Yoga at Bluff Country Co-op

When: Tuesday, April 16th  12:05-12:50pm

Cost: Free. Space is limited. Please RSVP at 507-452-1815.

Instructor: Mollee Sheehan

Make a lunch date with your yoga mat at the Co-op!

Bluff Country Co-op has partnered with us to offer you a free yoga class in the Co-op’s Community Room on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. De-stress and re-focus while getting your yoga fix during the lunch hour. This all-levels 45-minute yoga sequence will help create balance in the body and mind and, of course, connect with and honor the light within us all.

Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra with April

A woman lying on a yoga mat propped up with bolsters and pillows. Great care was taken with her comfort.When: Sunday April 28th 6pm

Cost: $10 drop-in or Infinity Card Punch

Instructor: April Herndon

Would you like to bring more relaxation to your week and help your body in its natural healing processes? If so, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra are great choices for you. After some gentle movements and restorative yoga, we will settle in to a Yoga Nidra practice.

Journey into Spring Mini-Retreat

When: Sunday May 19th 1-3:30pm.

Cost $35

Instructor: Elle Newman

Have you ever yearned for a longer practice, with a luxurious time to warm up, time to get deeper into your poses, and end with a guided meditation?

This retreat is created with my current students and past Forrest Yoga students in mind. If we’re not currently practicing together please talk to me before you register.

Schedule for April 8-14

Unless otherwise noted, all classes run an hour.

Monday April 8th

8:15am Forrest Inspired VinyasaElle
4:30 pm Community Free ClassElle

Tuesday April 9th

12:05-12:50pm Lunchtime Gentle YogaMollee
7pm  Interval FlowHailey 

Wednesday April 10th

8:15am Forrest Inspired BasicsElle
9:30am T’ai Chi & Qi GongLynn
12:05-12:50pm Pilates FusionDeb

Thursday April 11th

9am  NiaJacque
5:50pm Asana with Alanna

Friday April 12th

8:15am  Forrest Inspired Vinyasa Elle
9:30am T’ai Chi & Qi GongLynn

Saturday April 13th

9am Qi GongLynn
10:45am Gentle Yoga – Elle

Sunday April 14th

6-7:15pm Restorative and Yin Yoga – [[April]]