Week 4 of Elle’s Journey into Spring Series

I Abstract water drop. colors orange, gray, and blues. Invokes a sense of action.I was thinking of you all as I took my walk, listening to the melt working it’s way through the culverts on the sides of the road. Between the snow melting, the mist in the air, and the intermittent rain, water has been my constant companion today.

Water can be a cooling element to work with when the fire gets too intense. It is the cleansing of springtime. It is also heavily associated with emotions and can bring relief when we’ve bottled them up. Part of our work as humans is learning to navigate our own emotional flow.

Water is perhaps the most mutable of the elements to work with, it can quench our thirst, cool our heat, be as magical as a drop of dew, or as powerful and patient as a  river carving our landscape.

On the mat we’ll be inviting awareness of our emotions during our practice, playing with the concept of flow; when we can direct it, and when we are along for the ride. We’ll also work with a few different meditations to invoke this important element.