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Thank you to everyone who checked out the Thermography sessions last week. As people left our office after their session, they each seemed very pleased and excited to find out their results. We so appreciate Cassie of Picture My Health for coming down from the cities to provide this service and we look forward to hosting her again in October. We’ve already set those dates for October 14 & 15 so if you’re curious and want to try it out, call the office to schedule.

Featured Service: Cupping

cupping therapy. You can see both the glass cups applied to a young woman's back and the marks they make when removed.

Did you know one of our massage therapists is certified in cupping therapy? Evelyn Trulen offers cupping in our office. This therapy is done with glass or silicone cups to create a vacuum of sorts on the skin and draw blood to the affected area to increase overall blood flow. It can be a very helpful addition to a traditional massage.

Cupping benefits: 
  • Pain relief
  • promotes circulation
  • can relieve tension in shoulders that causes headaches and migraines

Michael Phelps of the US is seen with a red cupping mark on his shoulder as he competes in the Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Final at the 2016 Rio Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil August 7, 2016. . REUTERS/Dominic Ebenbichler/File Photo FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - RTSLTVJ

Yes, you may get some purple marks from the cupping, but remember when Michael Phelps made that cool back in 2016? Call to get more info or to schedule!


Featured Product: Dynamic Hydrate

Summer in Winona has really heated up and we’re excited to offer a new product at Infinity called Dynamic Hydrate to keep you hydrated this summer. Think of it as a healthier version of Gatorade that doesn’t have any artificial additives, colors or sugars. We are loving these new “Dynamic” products that NutriDyn is coming out with and are so happy to bring them to the office for you. Dynamic Hydrate conveniently comes in a to-go packet and a 30 serving canister so you can take it on the go or get a larger quantity if you love it.

Upcoming Events

Safe Breast Screening Thermography

When: Oct. 14th and 15th
Where: Infinity Yoga Studio


PICTURE MY HEALTH will be doing Breast and Body screening with the Digital InfraRed Thermal Imaging Medical Camera.

This procedure is safe and has been cleared by the FDA since 1982!

Thermography can detect changes in the breast tissue 7-10 years earlier than a mammogram. All images are read by board certified Medical Doctors. No Radiation, No Breast Compression, No touching.

Find out more information and schedule your appointment today by calling: 507-453-7941