Infinity Wellness News Aug 8th

A stack of books, pencils, cup of coffee, and apple in the foreground. A backboard with math equations in the background. The words Back to School in the center. The colors are bright and modern while evoking nostalgia.

Wow this summer is flying by!

Have you scheduled your family’s back to school appointments yet? Make sure to call us soon to schedule your family day appointments with Dr. Picchiotti and NRT sessions with Sydney Swanson. Dr. Noble is already booked into September.

Exciting News: Infinity is in the running for “Best Chiropractor”

Infinity has been nominated for “Best Chiropractor” for the 2019 Best of Southern Minnesota Scene. Help us by voting now through Labor Day.

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Featured Service: Infinity Yoga Studio

Full bodied female yoga teacher lying in a restorative pose. She looks very comfortable and the feeling of the photo is very inviting. Did you know that practicing yoga and Qi Gong is an excellent way to keep yourself feeling well between appointments? Depending on your needs, we have a variety of classes and teachers. If you’re wondering what classes are right for you contact us to talk to Elle Newman, our Studio Manager.

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Upcoming Events

Safe Breast Screening Thermography

When: Oct. 14th and 15th
Where: Infinity Yoga Studio


PICTURE MY HEALTH will be doing Breast and Body screening with the Digital InfraRed Thermal Imaging Medical Camera.

This procedure is safe and has been cleared by the FDA since 1982!

Thermography can detect changes in the breast tissue 7-10 years earlier than a mammogram. All images are read by board certified Medical Doctors. No Radiation, No Breast Compression, No touching.

Find out more information and schedule your appointment today by calling 507-453-7941.