Wellness News 1/15/20

Doesn’t a massage sound good right now?

Lucky for you Emily Wehner still has appointments available Friday (tomorrow) Jan. 15th. One of the many things Emily is trained in is Myofascial release which is especially good at untying your knots! Read more about Emily and Myofascial Release below.

We’re also in the time of year where the sun can feel like a distant relative, the kind we love dearly and want to see more often! Because of the gray cold weather, we spend less time outside, and our mood isn’t the only thing to suffer. One thing that can help  (assuming you can’t just take off for Hawaii) is Vitamin D. Read on for more about the importance of Vitamin D and K2, and to learn about one option for Vitamin D at Infinity.

Remember Heather (Gerdes) Lorenz? If you don’t check out our last newsletter for more information about all that she offers! Beginning in February she is also adding a Basic Fundamental Yoga class on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings. Read below for more information.

Featured Practitioner: Emily Wehner

Emily has been filling in at Infinity since January of 2019. Beginning Jan 21st she will be scheduled regularly from 4-7 on alternating Tuesdays. As mentioned above she is also scheduled tomorrow, and the rest of her schedule is below. You may also recognize her from her workshops on essential oils!

Emily has two years of experience in massage. She loves to problem solve muscular and myofascial restriction, and watch her clients progress, whether it be through range of motion or relaxation improvement. Her favorite modalities are Swedish, Sports Massage, Myofascial release, and Reiki. Emily is also trained in Prenatal Massage, Geriatric Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy.

Featured Service: Myofascial Release 

John Barnes Myofascial Release:
Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective restrictions with the goal of eliminating pain and restoring motion.
Trauma, inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures create Myofascial restrictions that can produce tensile pressures of 2,000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures.
Each Myofascial Release Treatment session is performed directly on the skin without oils, cream, or machinery. This enables the therapist to accurately detect fascial restrictions and apply the appropriate amount of sustained pressure to facilitate release of the fascia.

Featured Product: NutriDyn D3 5000 with K2

It is crucial to obtain adequate amounts of vitamin D on a daily basis, and deficiency can lead to a host of health issues. Vitamin K2 (menaquinone) comes in a variety of forms, with evidence suggesting that the form MK-7 is particularly important for people that have chronic health issues causing nutrient malabsorption.

Given the importance of adequate Vitamin D levels in the body and many people’s lack of exposure to direct sunlight, D3 5000 with K2 supplementation can help users in a variety of ways. The most relevant research-backed benefits include:

● Support cardiovascular function
● Support healthy mood and stress levels
● Support bone and skin tissues
● Support immune function

If you are interested in finding out if NutriDyn D3 5000 with K2 is right for you book an NRT appointment with Sydney Swanson or Dr. Kristin Noble.

Basic Fundamental Yoga Class

This is a very basic introduction to Yoga. This class is intended to meet you where YOU are. This class will break down the barriers we place on ourselves while building our confidence as we learn more about each pose. Learn the benefits of the pose as well as play and embrace how your individual body expresses itself in it. Connect with our breath and eventually feel comfortable and confident enough to attend the next level class. Pose by pose, you are not alone, I will be there with you every step of the way and at your pace.

Tuesday 9:30am
Thursday 5:00pm