We Miss You!

Happy Sunday!

What a strange time we are all sharing in life right now. Previously mentioned in our Newsletter, communications would be sent out at the first of every month. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances, we find it appropriate to increase our communication as we are all trying to find ways to stay connected in the world.

Infinity Wellness & Yoga Studio would like to give a shout out to all the amazing people coming together to assist our community and the greater impact it is having on a global level. We love seeing all the imaginative ways people are taking care of themselves and each other. It warms our hearts to be part of such an amazing community in Winona.

We have an amazing community of yoga studios that are doing their best, working hard and keeping us all connected through live streaming yoga classes right here in Winona. One of our very own yoga instructors, Elle, is one of the amazing people to offer this form of connecting. If you want to learn more, please see below for more information. We appreciate your patience, support and understanding while we will continue to get creative in how we can remain connected.

For the next few weeks, Heather will be engaging with all of you via Facebook and our Newsletter to look at yoga from a different perspective. Yoga is much more than the physical practice. Now is a perfect time to go above and beyond our mat and take our yoga practice into all areas of our life. Heather is offering a deeper look into the 8 limbs of yoga. If you are interested in being a part of this virtual workshop, please email her at hgerdes76@gmail.com.

Here at Infinity Yoga, we are a small yoga studio with lots of heart and people who share their love and knowledge of healing through Yoga, Qi Gong & T’ai Chi, and Pilates. During this time, we know many people are facing economic hardships and we want to make Heather’s online workshop accessible to all. There is no charge to participate, however, if you would like to donate to our studio, use your yoga punch card for payment or purchase a yoga studio package we can make those arrangements.

Human connection is what we miss the most BUT we love getting creative and learning a unique way to still feel the joy our in-person classes brings us. To keep us all motivated please take a moment to reflect on the question, “Why do I practice yoga?”

We will continue to keep you informed of changes and updates. In the meantime, please check out some of our staff favorites for in-home practices:

Dr. Kristin:

Down Dog App



Yoga For Beginners with Adrienne at Yoga For Beginners- Yoga With Adriene

For meditation: Insight Timer App and Calm App



NiaTV is currently free at Nia TV



Coming soon to Windom Park, Qi Gong & T’ai Chi classes- more to come!



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“Please extend my well wishes to our Infinity students and tell them that I am with them in spirit as we navigate these ever-changing, and often scary, times. I revisit two books often, in crisis or calm, and would be happy to recommend them to our students: “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and “The Yamas and Niyamas” by Deborah Adele. I’d also recommend as much outdoor time as possible; visits to the Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge and our ample MN and WI state park systems: Beaver Valley Creek, Great River Bluffs, Whitewater, Perrot, and Merrick. Much love and stay well!”


In Health,

Your Infinity Wellness & Yoga Family