May Newsletter

Dear Infinity Yoga Community,

Welcome May!! We hope you all had a wonderful May Day and have been enjoying the weather. We were hoping this monthly newsletter was going to be a joyous one announcing our excitement of seeing you in-person soon…however, it looks like our re-opening has be extended just a little bit longer.

We wanted to inform you of some things that we have been doing to prep for when we re-open. The studio and studio props have been disinfected and organized. We have also been meeting and planning on how to keep our studio one that is safe and adheres to the recommendations of the CDC and MDH in the future. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe here at Infinity Yoga Studio.

Since the cleaning and organizing, we have a CALL TO CLAIM yoga mats that have been left at the studio. If one of these mats are yours, we would love to know which one so that we can better store these for you. You may either call Infinity Chiropractic & Yoga office at 507-453-7941, contact your instructor, or email Heather at We are still discussing what to do with any unclaimed mats, we will keep you posted.

The following are virtual options Infinity Yoga Studio is offering during this time:

Mondays at 6pm:

Heather’s Beyond Our Mat Workshop is still going. This workshop identifies how yoga goes beyond our physical practice and looks deeper into the 8 limbs of yoga.

Thursdays at 5pm:

Heather is offering her Basic Fundamental Yoga Class. This class is intended for beginners, people returning to yoga, or prefer a slower paced yoga class.

Both of these options are FREE but donations are welcome as well as the option to use your purchased punch card.

Do you know someone that would love to join our Infinity Yoga Studio community?

Please consider purchasing a gift card or a yoga package. This can easily be done over the phone by calling 507-453-7941.

You are all missed! Here are some messages from some of our studio staff:

“Hello Infinity Yogis, I hope this finds you well! It’s a pretty wild time to be a human and I’m leaning heavily into my practices of self care. Outside of my own practice, one of the best things I’ve done for my mental health was attending a monthly mental health check in for creatives.

The La Crosse YMCA website also has some wonderful inspirational and helpful information about resiliency in times of crises. 

If you’d like to continue practicing with me I am still teaching a few times a week online. You can find links to those videos here. I hope to see you on the mat soon!” ~Elle

“I miss my attendees and look forward to seeing you soon.” ~Deb

“Greetings, Infinity Yogis! I hope this finds you and your loved ones staying healthy and well. It’s no secret that we miss you and that we’re looking forward to seeing you in person and in the studio, one day soon. Until then, I encourage to find a moment of presence each day, a moment to bring awareness to your breath and your surroundings. It can be hard when our days seem to blend together, but I ask that you try, my friends, try to find that moment. It will remind of us being alive and grateful.

A new reading recommendation includes, “The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seeker’s Guide to Extraordinary Living” by Stephen Cope. The topic of samvega as discussed on pages 13-16 seems appropriate for our times. Samvegathe oppressive sense of shock, dismay, and alienation that come with realizing the futility and meaninglessness of life as it’s normally lived; a chastening sense of our complacency and foolishness in having let ourselves live so blindly; and an anxious sense of urgency in trying to find a way out of the meaningless cycle.” ~Sarah

Staff Picks for Home Practice:

We will continue to keep you informed of changes and updates. In the meantime, please check out some of our staff favorites for in-home practices:

  • Down Dog App
  • Yoga For Beginners with Adrienne at Yoga For Beginners- Yoga With Adriene
  • For meditation: Insight Timer App and Calm App
  • NiaTV is currently free at Nia TV
  • FREE Qi Gong & T’ai Chi classes- Bring A Friend- Windom Park 9:35am-10:45am Monday – Friday *weather permitting*
  • Books: “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and “The Yamas and Niyamas” by Deborah Adele
  • Outdoor time: Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge, MN and WI state park systems: Beaver Valley Creek, Great River Bluffs, Whitewater, Perrot, and Merrick.