March Newsletter- Hello Spring!

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It appears March has come in like a lamb, will it go out like a lion? March is a beautiful month and Spring is in the air. This month, we celebrate the first day of Spring: The Spring Equinox. The spring equinox occurs on Saturday, March 20th. In the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the March equinox when the Sun crosses the equator line and heads north in the sky. After this day, we start to experience increased daylight and warming temperatures.

How might YOU celebrate? Observe nature! Birds will start to migrate north, days get longer, we are awakened by the singing of birds. Flowers start peeking through the soil. People will start planting their gardens. The Sun is getting stronger, so we start to feel things warming up. Not only do things out in nature start coming alive but people also start enjoying the great outdoors again. We are all getting the itch to ditch the warm layers of clothes too!! Now is a great time to satisfy our craving for lighter, fresher foods as well. Don’t forget to check out the produce sections in the markets and attend the Farmer’s Market to stock up on your spring greens!

Bring the Spring Equinox (Vernal Equinox) to your mat and let’s celebrate together. Vernal meaning “of the spring”, “new” and “fresh,” and equinox comes from the Latin aequus meaning “equal” and nox meaning “night”. We will experience a balance of day and night; equal amounts of lightness and darkness on the same day. In your yoga practice, bring your imaginative and creative energies to explore and discover the balance within your mind, body and soul. Rest in the darkness and bloom in the lightness. In the lightness, release your fears and surrender into new intentions. This month celebrate life, growth, and rebirth!

Never yet was a springtime,
Late though lingered the snow,
That the sap stirred not at the whisper
Of the southwind, sweet and low.

– Margaret Elizabeth Sangster, American writer (1838–1912)

In health,

Infinity Studio Staff


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Saturday Flow with Sarah

4-week series: March 6, 13, 20, & 27

Time: 10:45am-12p

Cost: $10 per class

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March 2021 Yoga Studio Schedule

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7:00pm Restorative Yoga with Katie K- via ZOOM


8:15am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa- Elle- via ZOOM


5:45-6:45pm Winter Flow: Welcoming Warmth & Resilience – Sarah- in studio


9:30am Qi Gong & T’ai Chi with Lynn-in studio


5:00pm Flow with Katie Sarah- via ZOOM


7:45am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa- All Levels with Elle – via zoom

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