September Newsletter: 3 Easy Ways To Double Your Energy Today!

Welcome September!

Enjoy these no-cost steps that you can use RIGHT NOW to generate more energy in your body.

You know that feeling of waking up after a full night’s sleep soooooo tired and sluggish that the very THOUGHT of getting out of bed makes you want to spend all day in “Club Comforter” and watch endless episodes of your favorite binge TV?

Me too!

I used to struggle with my energy, just like you.

First let’s start by breaking up your day into bite-size pieces and spreading out your energy boosting activities like this:

  • Easy Energy Booster #1: As soon as you wake up
  • Easy Energy Booster #2: After lunch
  • Easy Energy Booster #3: At the end of your workday

Now, let’s dive deeper into each energy boosting activity to help you ACHIEVE YOUR OWN:

Easy Energy Booster #1 Do it as soon as you wake up.

“Toss It Back!”

Life gets crazy, and sometimes we get a terrible night’s sleep.

It’s hard to wake up refreshed, calm and energetic when your kid wet the bed, the neighbor’s dog howled at the moon all night and your smoke alarm went off accidentally.

No matter what your night’s sleep was like, here’s an easy way to jumpstart your energy and reset your system first thing in the morning.

I call it “tossing it back”.

Here’s how to do it:

Before you go to bed, set a full 20-ounce glass of water next to your bathroom sink • After you wake up, brush you teeth and relieve yourself, TOSS BACK that whole glass!

Pretty simple, right?

Why is tossing back a big ol’ glass of water an effective way to jump start your energy?

Hydration!  Water hydrates your entire system, which is vital for your cell, tissue, and organ regeneration. By keeping your blood at the right consistency, it helps deliver oxygen to your muscles, which immediately boosts your body’s energy.

Healthy bowel movement!  Drinking enough water helps keep the enzymes and bacteria in your digestive tract running smoothly and this helps get your bowels moving.

Getting into the habit of eliminating waste first thing in the morning will prevent it from being absorbed into your system throughout the day and give you an instant energy boost.

Easy Energy Booster #2 Do it after lunch.

“Get Fresh!”

Many of us spend our entire day inside an office with air conditioning or heaters that drain our energy and sap our life force.

Even if you are not one of these people and you do spend time outdoors daily, the trick here is to clear your mind, focus your breath and be present with nature.

Leave your phone in the office, leave your To-Do list at home, and walk out of your office building or your house with the intention to clear your mind and absorb clean green energy.

Walk around the block and find a park to walk through or a street lined with trees. I’m talking fresh air and preferably sunshine, but rain works well too. Be wholeheartedly IN the natural elements stress free for ten minutes!

If leaving the office is out of the question, find an open window, sit by it and breathe in the outside air (even city air is better than fake stuffy office air). Or find a live plant potted in real soil and sit by it and breathe it in for ten minutes, in silence.

Your colleagues may think you’ve really lost it this time round and may start planning an intervention, but you will be doing yourself and everyone you work with a huge favor by recharging your energy and giving your mood a boost!

Try it for 10 minutes TODAY and I bet you will feel refreshed, recharged and energized.

Don’t believe me? Ever heard of Forest Bathing or “Shinrin-Yoku” in Japanese?

It literally means quiet walking among the trees and refers to the boost of energy that we as humans receive from the trees in the form of phytoncides (wood essential oils) which induce relaxation and therefore an energy boost.

Easy Energy Booster #3 Do it at the end of your workday.

“Dance Party!”

This one is really fun, and it’s designed to give you that oomph to make it through the night after a long day’s work. Ready?

Think of your favorite song or of any kind of music that makes you want to get up and boogie. Then download it to your phone or car stereo or computer.

Find some private space either in your car on the way home from work or the laundry room while the kids are busy with homework.

Plug your earphones in and boogie like crazy to your favorite song.

The trick here is to really give yourself permission to LET GO.

You know the old adage, “Dance like nobody’s watching?”

Do it and feel the RUSH of energy surge through your body.

In no time you will be happily stacking the dishes in the dishwasher with renewed vigor and reading your kids a bedtime story for the millionth time as though it were your first.


These 3 EASY WAYS to double your energy today are fast, simple, no-cost and you can start them TODAY!

Easy Energy Booster # 1:  Do it as soon as you wake up “TOSS IT BACK”— HYDRATING THE EASY WAY

Easy Energy Booster # 2:  Do it after lunch “GET FRESH”— GETTING FRESH AIR

Easy Energy Booster # 3:   Do it at the end of your work day “DANCE PARTY”— ENERGY BOOSTING BODY BOOGIE


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