January 2022 Newsletter


Typically, with the start of the new year people are strategizing how to best create the “new me”. January seems to spur people to make resolutions, map out new goals, or contemplate what changes in their lives are necessary to be happier and healthier. 

Most often I hear people want to eat better, start exercising, and start to put themselves as a priority. So, I thought today I would talk about the truth of why most diets don’t work… and let you in on 10 ways for you to start discovering the “perfect diet” for you.

Why am I talking about finding the “perfect diet”?

You’ve probably heard the statistic that 95% of dieters can’t keep the weight off, and when they gain it back, they often gain MORE than they weighed before. Research has proven that dieting can backfire AND mess up your metabolism.

What’s important about this dieting statistic?

This statistic is important because it’s likely that you want to drop a few pounds, so you can feel great in your clothes, wear the latest styles, and feel confident in your skin. You deserve to have those results! But if diets don’t work, then what does?

Here are my 10 ways to start discovering the perfect diet for you. I’ve compiled 10 “paradigms” on discovering your perfect diet from people just like you and from my own personal experience.

Chances are good these paradigms will work for you!

10 Paradigms to Help You Discover the Perfect Diet for You:

1. There are as many “right” diets as there are people on the planet!

2. What’s healthy for one person might not be healthy for YOU.

3. The body has an innate wisdom beyond any book or authority.

4. Diets are not useful as dogma, but they ARE useful as a reference.

5. Your body is the ultimate dietary authority for every phase of your life.

6. Your diet changes as YOU change.

7. Your body is the most powerful, least expensive, and BEST dietary experimentation lab.

8. Your RELATIONSHIP with food & your body impacts your health more than the food you eat.

9. Symptoms, cravings and behaviors are not the problem, they are your only solutions till now.

10. Nourishment is about much more than just food.

It might be scary at first to think that YOU have more control of your weight loss experience than a “diet” does. Most people (once they really open up to this possibility) find it totally liberating and start to feel empowered instead of fearful.

I get this is a whole new way of looking at your food and your life—it is, in essence, a huge paradigm shift. How great is that? Now you get to look at the things that weren’t working before through a whole new lens! One that puts YOU at the center of your life. Now that’s empowering!

Infinity Yoga Studio Updates

We are all patiently waiting to get back into our beautiful yoga studio.  We will continue to communicate updates as we go. Until then, we will continue our regular class offerings as follows:

Must pre-register by emailing infinitywinonayoga@gmail.com and pre-pay with punch card or call 507-453-7941.


8:15am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa- Elle- via Zoom


5:45pm Winter Flow: Welcoming Warmth & Resilience with Sarah @ Temple Harmonics- 370 W 3rd St.


7:45am Forrest Inspired Vinyasa- All Levels with Elle – via Zoom

Special Event:

Mama and Me Yoga will be back starting in February.  These classes will be held on the first Saturday of the month at 10am. Cost is $10 for Adult and up to 2 Children. Space is limited, so please pre-register by emailing infinitywinonayoga@gmail.com.

Upcoming Class Dates:

February 5

March 5

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In health,

Infinity Yoga Studio Staff