I studied breathing and meditation for years before attending a yoga class, but really the story of my relationship with breath began much earlier. As a child I was obsessed with breath, I marveled that something so important could happen without me thinking about it. I will admit that part of it was a morbid […] Read More »

Week 4 of Elle’s Journey into Spring Series

I I was thinking of you all as I took my walk, listening to the melt working it’s way through the culverts on the sides of the road. Between the snow melting, the mist in the air, and the intermittent rain, water has been my constant companion today. Water can be a cooling element to […] Read More »

Grounding our Inspiration

Last week we connected with the element Air by inviting in our inspiration and paying attention to the unseen forces in our lives. We also celebrated the Vernal equinox and the full moon. This week we will work with the energy of Earth and grounding. This is somewhat of a surprise to me, as in […] Read More »

Week 2 of Journey into Spring: The Element Air

The most obvious connection between Air and yoga is breath, and in the past, if I’ve brought this element into my classes, it’s as pranayama. However, when we unpack the symbolism of the element Air there is so much more there. And since our practice focuses on breath to begin with, I thought it was […] Read More »

Set Intentions and Begin (Again)

This week we will begin our Journey into Spring Series and all of my classes will have themes around Intentions and Beginning (Again). It can be a challenge to bring a beginner’s mind to a practice you do regularly. Heck, part of the inspiration for this series was finding a way for me to organize […] Read More »

Themes for Elle’s classes week of Dec. 3rd

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat this week! Forrest Inspired Vinyasa Monday 8:15am Playing on our Hands:¬†Even if the closest you get to a handstand is Down Dog you’ll benefit from exploring how to support ourselves when we’re on our hands. Friday 8:15am We’ll take what we’ve been practicing this week and turn […] Read More »

Dancing the Edge

My students know this is not a new theme for me, and for anyone who reads my personal blog you know it’s not even new that I’m writing about it. Finding that place within us where we are developing and yet not straining or stressing is multifaceted work. So this week I’m going to take […] Read More »

Elle’s Class Themes Nov 19th – 24th

Thank you all for your support and inspiration. Truly, you guys are the BEST, and I love you! Below is my plan for the week. I hope to see you there! Forrest Inspired Vinyasa Monday 8:15am Twists, Something to Crow About. It’s what it sounds like, twists and opportunities for Crow poses. Along the way […] Read More »

Be Kind to Yourself on the Mat

One of the first personal breakthroughs I had in my own yoga practice was realizing how critical I was of myself. While I considered myself a kind person to others, I said horrible things to myself all the time! I was reading a book on mantras, I forget which one, but it suggested paying attention […] Read More »