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Reiki With Sharon Mansur
Usui Reiki, Level III, Master Practitioner

Subtle and non-invasive yet powerful hands-on mind-body-spirit technique and natural healing practice. Reiki facilitates balancing one’s inherent vital life energy force, while promoting deep relaxation and self-healing.

Reiki does no harm. At minimum it reduces stress.

Rei = spiritually guided
Ki = a universal life force energy

Reiki taps into the life force energy that animates and flows through and around every living creature. When that life force energy is disrupted or blocked, full function and balance can diminish. Reiki supports the open flow of life force energy to allow the body to heal itself. The practitioner is a facilitator of this process, not giving energy to the client, but supporting the client’s own energy and innate ability to heal.

Reiki 1:1 sessions involve the client laying on the table in the massage room fully clothed, and gentle hands on touch or just above the body. Reiki can also be blended within a typical Massage Therapy session.

Source:Reiki, the Healing Touch by William Lee Rand
International Center for Reiki Training

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