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Dr. Robert S. Picchiotti

Chiropractic Physician

When I chose to become a chiropractor I had two goals in mind. To utilize my education and talents to be the best chiropractor I could and to take care of my patients with the same compassion and integrity I’d use with my own family. I believe that health is a gift not an entitlement. I also believe that our body has an innate ability to be healthy when it is taken care of and has the ability to heal from many injuries when properly treated and rehabilitated. I assist all my patients in obtaining these goals, to be healthy and absent of pain and injury.

As an outdoor and athletic enthusiast myself, I have experienced the highs of peak performance without pain, and the lows of a disabling injury. I can certainly empathize with my patients when dealing with most injuries related to athletic activities or accidents. This firsthand experience has helped me understand an athlete’s desire to “get back in the game” and the weekend warrior who doesn’t want to stop competing. I am now in the second half century of my life. I want to stay active, competitive and pain free for another half century. Many of my patients have trusted me with their care for over twenty years… we are aging gracefully together. I’d like to help you age gracefully as well. This connection to my patients has been a guiding force in my educational training and clinical practice. I feel blessed to be able to utilize my clinical experience helping people doing what they love.

Post graduate studies as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Active Release Technique provider (ART) have also helped tune my skills in treating patient injuries. Many patients in competitive sports both at the college and professional level have realized the benefits of seeing a provider with training in these areas. The benefits add up to a faster recovery time with a more stable area of complaint drastically reducing the likelihood of re-injury.

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