Meet Our Teachers

Kassie DeVorak

Winona native, waitress, nanny, small business owner, and yoga enthusiast.

Ten years ago, I stepped onto the mat.  At first, it was just to do the poses and get some exercise.   As the years have passed, I have dived deeper into my practice.  Yoga has pulled me out of some deep, dark holes and has opened my mind, body, and soul into something I have never felt in myself before.  The older I get, the more I take my yoga into everyday life with me.  My journey has not just been about becoming a teacher.  Yoga is discovering who you are as a whole, learning from your past, strengthening your present, and thriving toward your future.

During my free time I enjoy the outdoors and soaking up the sun.  I value spending time with my Golden Retriever (Rowyn), traveling abroad, and working on projects in my new home.

Whether you come to do yoga for the poses or to have an experience on a deeper level, I can’t wait to connect with you.  I will be there for you on your journey through yoga and life.

My Certifications: 200-hour Yoga Renew Teacher Training and 30-hour Barre training.

“Life should be enjoyed, not endured.”

Jennifer Monsos, E-RYT-200, RYT-500, RYS-200
Jennifer has been teaching yoga since 2002 to a variety of populations. She has multiple certifications including trauma-informed, Energy Medicine, prenatal, senior/chair yoga among others. She has also been offering yoga teacher training through a mentorship model since 2010. In addition to yoga, she loves to run, and is working on a 50-state half marathon journey (and is ALMOST halfway through!).
In her real life, she is a CPA and college accounting instructor at Rochester Community and Technical College in Rochester. She lives outside of Fountain City, Wisconsin with her chickens, cats and husband and enjoys working in her gardens and spending time outdoors.

I was asked, “Who am I?” the other day and I instantly started to answer them using all of the labels the world has given to me.  A few of those labels are:  A friend, a mother, a wife, a teacher, a sensitive person, a highly passionate person, a physically and mentally busy person, and so many other labels pop up.

However, as I age and move through this world I was given; I am finding out that I am all of those things yet it’s not WHO I AM.  I am this soul that is on an adventure maneuvering through layers of time.   Time being the stages on my world; motherhood, friendships, situations, and adventures.  As I trust deeper and listen harder, I find a bit more of myself.     What ‘myself’ looks like right now, I am a committee member mom who wants the very best for the students of WSHS.  I am a yoga instructor that loves the YING and YANG of practice AND sharing the gift of mindfulness.  I am becoming antsy to get my hands dirty in order to see new growth around our new home and loving all the good that has been showing up around my community. One thing is constant and certain, I cannot wait to share with you ‘who I am’ on the mat!

~Karin Wollan

Laura found yoga during a time of self-discovery. Yoga opened her eyes to what the body and mind can accomplish when they are connected by breath and conscious movement.

Winona is such a beautiful place to find that breath and body connection, and she is grateful to be part of the community. For years she has felt the privilege of being led by some amazing yoga teachers, and they inspired her to begin her own journey of becoming an instructor. Still as a self-proclaimed yoga student, she believes the best way to learn is by doing and by diving into the river of life.

It has always been a dream of Laura’s to bring yoga to people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life. Yoga is for everyone, and is an all inclusive, all-encompassing practice that can grow with you as you grow throughout your life. She hopes to inspire and lead her students both on and off the mat, which will in turn inspire her to continue on her journey as a leader, teacher and healer.

Everyone is a gift to the world, shine bright!

Deb brings a diverse background to her teaching. She currently teaches Pilates, indoor cycling, and bootcamp classes and is also trained in Step Aerobics, Water Fitness and Body Pump.

Deb has been physically active most of her life enjoying athletic pursuits such as volleyball, softball and flag football during her “early” adult years.

After the birth of her daughter, she was re-inspired her to prioritize her health and joined the YMCA where she was soon recruited by the Y Fitness Director to become an instructor.

Currently, Deb is the Community Wellness Operations Manager of Live Well Winona where she’s able to mesh her professional life with her desire to help others with her passion for fitness and general wellness.

Elle brings more than a decade of experience teaching yoga to her classes, as well as a sense of humor and an ability to work with a variety of student’s needs. Her trainings include 200 hours of Vinyasa Yoga training. Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training. She also has specialty trainings in: Yoga for Back Care, Pre-natal Yoga, and Yoga for Seniors.

Elle teaches a variety of classes from challenging Forrest Inspired Vinyasa classes to Gentle Yoga. She also works with individual students to help them deepen their practice. Her own practice includes Forrest Yoga, Yin, Vinyasa, Pranayama, mindfulness, and SomaYoga.

To learn more about Elle, follow Yoga with Elle on Facebook, or visit her website and newsletter. 

Katie is a wife and mother dedicated to raising wild and creative little humans. She made it through college by a dedicated yoga practice, then traveled the world and started a family, before returning back to yoga. She recently completed her 200-hour training at Palm and Pine in La Crosse, WI. In this busy season, she turns to yoga to calm her mind and reconnect with her body. Katie believes yoga invites embodiment, interoception, and holistic healing. She will allow the  breath, movement and mindfulness of the vinyasa style yoga class to lead students to a more present moment-mindset creating more stability and ease in life.

Katie also has additional yoga training in Kids Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Yoga 20-hour workshop. During the school days she works as a teacher at a local Montessori School.

Lynn remembers her first class and the teacher proclaiming, “What was lost can be found again! All that is required is an open mind.” Lynn studied three years with T’ai Chi Instructor, Dr. Brice Wilkinson, including an 18-month internship at Grace Place. Since 2006 she practices daily movements such as those found in Qi Gong for Health & Vitality by Michael Tse and T’ai Chi The Supreme Ultimate Exercise For Health, Sport and Self-Defense by Cheng Man Ch’ing.

In 2007 Lynn added to her daily practice Dr. Baolin Wu’s Qi Gong for Total Wellness, and since 2008 is leading classes. 2013 she studied “Eight Brocades Qigong.” Fall of 2014 under Xin Yuen Zhuang’s instruction she studied more closely the Tiger Form, or Yang 24 T’ai chi. Spring of 2015 she studied Wuji Qigong which has roots to the monks who practice at the Shaolin Temple.


A dedicated student at Infinity Yoga Studio since its doors opened in 2015, Sarah is an active part of our yoga family both as a student and an instructor. Sarah brings 10+ years of dedicated yoga practice to her teaching and finished her 200 hour yoga teacher training in May 2019, with certification through Simplicity Yoga & Wellness. Sarah initiated her yoga teacher training to ease a work-life transition and to bring additional education and awareness to her own daily practice and lifestyle. Though she has experienced (and enjoys) many different yoga methods, Sarah prefers the sequencing of Vinyasa: a flow class that promotes the connection of breath and movement. In addition to her RYT-200 certification, Sarah also completed a 30-hour Trauma-Informed Yoga training program in September 2019 through Firefly International.

When she’s not practicing yoga, you can find Sarah dancing, attending local music/theater events, and spending time outdoors with her husband, Joe and dog, Olive. Sarah enjoys hiking, canoeing, and camping in our beautiful Mississippi River Valley. By day, Sarah works as a Licensed Social Worker with Hiawatha Valley Mental Center.

The reasons one comes to a yoga class may be very different, based on one’s personal needs. One student may be looking to add a new type of exercise to their weekly routine, while another may be looking for a mode of support to aid their stress; a space to promote self-care. Whatever the motivation, ultimately Sarah sees yoga as a journey of self-discovery with a great potential to heal.


Heather is a certified and registered 200-hour yoga instructor and brings back the fundamental basics and benefits to her yoga classes. She turned to yoga to assist in her own healing journey and wants to assist in the healing of others.

She also is a Life Coach and Founder of Journeys with heather, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, and the Infinity Yoga Studio Manager. All of which enables her to grow both personally and professionally in her passion of providing guidance and resources for healing to her community.

Heather’s hope for her yoga students is to connect with breath, explore and discover how their individual body responds to a yoga pose. In addition, to create a space where everyone feels welcome and have fun learning about themselves. This environment encourages the student to connect and trust their inner wisdom.