Studio Update: Change of Ownership Announcement 

Dear Valued Member,

We want to bring to your notice and announce that our yoga studio, (Infinity Yoga Studio) located at 119 W. 3rd Street is being transferred to the new owner Heather Lorenz (Studio HALO). The Infinity Yoga Studio was owned by Dr. Kristin Noble for a number of years in our Winona Community. The change in the ownership will be effective on Thursday June 1, 2023.

We intend to notify you, through this newsletter announcement, that there is no change in the policies of the studio at this time. We make certain to you that we are going to sustain the reputation that has been built for over a decade, by assuring you that we will continue to provide a shared space for the community.

Some new changes you will notice in the upcoming weeks:

~ New Name (Studio HALO) and Branding

~ New email (

~ New website (still under construction

~ Fresh paint, new props, decorations, plants, etc.

~ Increase in classes and workshops that will be offered

Things that will not change:

~ Our amazing current teachers will continue to offer their classes

~ Punch Pass for registration and payment

~ Commitment to support, promote and encourage all of you in your practice

You have always been our valued member and have trusted us from the very beginning. We are very thankful and grateful to you. We are excited and look forward to growing our yoga studio community. Studio HALO’s values are to gather, connect, and grow. It is our vision to engage current and new members in unity and create a community that is healthy, happy and whole. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions via email

In gratitude,

Heather Lorenz and Studio Teachers